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Spelling + reading + writing    =   Literacy

Schools know how to teach literacy, otherwise none of us would be able to read and write.  Most children, even those with modest intelligence, learn literacy without too much fuss.  

So when a child of normal intelligence is struggling, or failing, to learn to read and write, there is something wrong.

Dyslexia is just one of many barriers to learning literacy.  It is important that a tutor understands the precise problems each student is experiencing, and knows how to enable the student to overcome those problems.

Help for all ages 


  • Tuition 

  • Assessment

  • From age 6 years to adult

  • Primary, Intermediate, Secondary, Tertiary



Parent Support


  • stacks of information

  • resources

  • your young one - the whole person

  • dyslexia

  • other specific learning disabilities

  • Learning progressions age 5 - 14 years

  • Managing the SLD label




See what parents have said about Enable Learning, and how their children were helped.


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