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Spelling + Reading + Writing = Literacy



Schools know how to teach literacy – otherwise none of us would be able to read and write.  Most children learn literacy without too much fuss, even kids of modest intelligence.  So when a child is struggling, or failing, there is something wrong.



The most important thing about a literacy intervention is that it’s effective – in the long term – so that children can explore and express their ideas at a level that matches their general intelligence, knowledge and creativity – for life.



Confidence comes with competence.  Kids know when they are good at something, and when they’re not.  You can’t give a child confidence, but children can be taught so that they become competent.



The awful truth is, 20% of New Zealand children leave school without their basic literacy and numeracy – some of them bright kids. 





See what parents have said about Enable Learning, and how their children were helped.


Help for all ages 


  • Tuition 

  • Assessment

  • From age 6 years to adult

  • Primary, Intermediate, Secondary, Tertiary



Parent Support


  • stacks of information

  • resources

  • your young one - the whole person

  • dyslexia

  • other specific learning disabilities

  • Learning progressions age 5 - 14 years

  • Managing the SLD label


Age 6 years to adult

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