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The following comments are from real parents of real students at Enable Learning.  Privacy, and managing personal information such as having a learning disability, are taught here right from the start.  For that reason the names of the families below have been withheld.  If you would like to talk to some of the parents it may be possible to arrange a phone call. 

This student was a wonderful conversationalist


"Heather is both a fantastic teacher and support. Her understanding of, not only the learning struggles our son was having, but of the communication wall that can occur between parent and child when trying to overcome the difficulties has been invaluable. Her methods unlocked our child's mind, restored his confidence and made us a team again by giving us direction as to how to help him at home. The tools he has learnt to assist him educationally will stand him in good stead the rest of his life."





This student was a delightful six year old girl


My daughter started working with Heather at age 6. Immediately we noticed her confidence increased and within a few weeks her literacy and numeracy improved. Heather focuses on my daughter as an individual, and tailors her lessons to suit her, working at her pace. She makes the learning fun and interesting, so my daughter is always excited and keen to go to her lessons. Heather involves me as well, so I am able to support my daughters learning at home. I recommend Heather most highly to any parents of Dyslexic children - she has made a big difference to my daughter’s confidence and ability.





This student was a great guy at primary school


When it became clear that our son had specific learning difficulty around reading and writing, my initial reaction was panic. When our son started tutoring with Heather at Enable Learning, the panic changed to hope. Heather is full of knowledge that comes from experience, as well as knowledge that comes from staying up to date with the specific area of study. She was able to quickly identify the areas she needed to focus on with our son and made a plan. Heather has supported my husband and I by providing a support group and information. I have been impressed with her level of communication from the beginning. She is also quick to answer any of our questions and always willing to be our son's advocate at his school. Our son has made great progress at school because of the tutoring that Heather provides, but the thing I appreciate most about Heather is how she is quick to offer encouragement and praise to our son. His confidence and ability in reading and writing has increased,  and this is due in large part to Heather's positive input.  We highly recommend Heather's service.


This family was fun to work with


It is with great pleasure that I write this short testimonial about Heather Firth and the Enable Learning Programme.  Heather was recommended to me by a friend and I would now highly recommend her to others.
Justin and I have been going to Heather’s place twice a week for the past 5 months.  She has helped Justin fill in the gaps with his learning.  She has taught him sounds he was missing, language rules he was unaware of and many writing skills.  By doing this she has also given him the self-confidence to be a great writer.  Heather is an awesome teacher.  She is very knowledgeable, honest, always encouraging and very good at engaging her student.  As English is my second language, I have enjoyed being able to learn alongside Justin.  We will both miss Heather when we move to America.  Thanks Heather for your input into our lives.

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